Fancy Colored Diamonds As Investments?

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Because of their rarity, fancy colored diamonds (FCDs) have historically been reserved for the elite aristocrats, celebrities, and royalty. In modern times, jewelry lovers from all over the world ñ regardless of class ñ can buy these precious stones (as long as they can afford it).

Because of their high worth and value, fancy colored diamonds have became an avenue of investment for individuals, institutions, and governments alike.

For the past decade, the prices of FCDs have seen a steady increase and they represent a form of portable wealth favored by high net worth individuals. Could you imagine carrying a handful of stones that could be worth a million of dollars in your pockets?

So, How Do You Ensure Your Investment is Worthwhile?

Investment grade diamonds usually have certain attributes that are rare in nature. The fact is, out of every ten thousand carats of mined roughs, only one carat of rough is fancy colored. This by itself can cause fancy colored diamonds to be classified as collector items.

Making careful decisions to purchase colored diamonds is one the most important steps to getting your investment correct. Once you get it wrong when making a purchase, your investment will not be one you can count on.

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