Bronze Pendants

The pendant has always been a piece of jewelry that has a meaning attached to it. Pendants are given to a loved one to signify commitment and may have precious words engraved in the metal. Lockets contain pictures of family. Whatever the style of pendant, one thing is certain; pendants are special.

In Celtic jewelry each pendant has a specific meaning. The Celtic knot represents marriage, strength and friendship. The Celtic cross pendant represents the passage between heaven and hell.

The intricate open knot work of Celtic design was often cast in bronze. And these bronze pendants stood the test of time. The patina that forms on bronze actually protects it from further corrosion meaning that bronze artifacts are being found that are in near perfect condition and thousands of years old. Just think, maybe one day a bronze pendant you own will be found on an archeological dig in a thousand years time and in perfect condition.

Before the Celtic pendants, the ancient Egyptians wore bronze pendants that held deep spiritual significance. The Ankh was the symbol for life and eventually become known as the symbol of immortality and was worn by the Pharaohs, the Kings of Egypt. The origin of the symbol remains a mystery and it is this mystery that makes this symbol a popular bronze pendant in today’s culture.

The mysterious Eye of Horus Ra and the winged Goddess Isis are also popular in the resurgence of Egyptian style and symbolism.

Bronze was used in the manufacture of coins in ancient China, and today these coins make bronze pendants that people wear for good luck. The Song Dynasty was in China between 960 and 1279 A.D, and was the first government to issue banknotes. Sadly, the banknotes have been lost, but some of the bronze coins remain and are worn as good luck bronze pendants with a thousand years of history hanging from your neck.

Bronze pendants have a mystical quality; it is as if they contain some kind of magic we don’t really understand. The tone and feel of bronze pendants work very well with a leather necklace, making it look as though you are wearing an artifact you have just discovered on an archeological dig.

It is possible to create lavish artist designs with bronze that would extremely expensive if done with other precious metals. Bronze can hold a high shine and the rich color and the durability of the alloy has made bronze a popular choice among jewelers for centuries.

A bronze pendant is unique; it is a keepsake and a focal point. Adding a bronze pendant to your collection or giving one as a gift will set you apart and add that extra special something that amplifies your individuality.