Luxury Wedding Spotlight

wedding roses

The Luxury Wedding Spotlight was created by some of the absolute best wedding planners, event makeup & hair salon, and bridal boutique in the wedding industry. We created our event for couples who want their wedding to be perfect in every way: from design details, to photography, to entertainment, and everything in between.

As part of our event you’ll be able to meet with the highest level of vendors and event planners for your wedding. You’ll also preview the newest trends in this year’s bridal gowns and bridesmaids dresses during our exclusive fashion show.

If you’d like, you can have your eye makeup done by the leading makeup artists in the industry, have your teeth whitened on-site, speak to personal trainers about your fitness goals, or speak to beauty experts about your skin and appearance to look your best for your big day. Sample hors d’eouvres, wedding cake, and take part in our wine tasting, and view the latest design trends from top wedding florists and event designers.

There’s no event like ours. It’s designed for only the most selective couples and it only happens once a year. Space is limited so RSVP today to join us at the Luxury Wedding Spotlight 2013.

How It All Began

My journey to the world of creative design began in 2001, when I started making jewelry, out of curiosity and just to what I could come up with. My first piece was a pink, pearl necklace set; a disaster is what I called it. It was so ugly (or so I thought), that I hid it in one of my drawers.

After about two months, common sense prevailed and I brought it out and wore it. You see, I had taken a very basic jewelry class and it was after this that I had made the pink necklace and earrings.  I figured it didn’t really make sense to have paid for the class, learned something, and not do anything with what I had learned.

Well, I happened to be wearing the *disaster* one day, when a colleague saw it and asked me where I had bought it. After I told her that I had made it myself, word of mouth quickly spread. People began buying my jewelry and soon I started receiving orders for custom designs.  The rest is history…

I’ve enjoyed the journey so far, as I’ve started to explore new techniques and new media. As I gain more experience and my techniques improve, I’m finding deeper and deeper wells of creativity that I never knew existed.  I guess I’ll just continue on this journey and see where it leads me.